General informations

General informations
System quick view
Can I install this device on my doors?

The conversion kit makes the HOAU system compatible with all major access systems available on the market and guarantees installation on any kind of door.

How much does the HOAU system cost?

All information on this is available in the pricing section of the website. Furthermore, you could ask for a free quote by sending an email to commerciale@hoau.it.

Technical details

Technical details
Where can the tablet be placed? Could it be placed outside?

The tablet is placed outside the room and near the door. It is a water and dust proof device but it is strongly suggested to install it where it does not receive water directly.

How do you connect the tablet to an electrical power bank or supply?

The tablet connects to an electrical supply via a bluetooth board powered by a 220V> 12V transformer in the HOAU kit.

How do you configure the tablet?

After switching it on and wifi is connected, the tablet automatically downloads the software necessary for its function. Then you can start up the tablet on the special HOAU portal with a simple configuration procedure.

Could you use the tablet even for access doors to public areas?

A configuration process is also required on the tablet for access doors leading to public areas and the pin number is the same one assigned for entering the room.

What happens if there is a power shortage or no wifi connection?

Thanks to the presence of an emergency battery placed between the power supply and the tablet, the system is able to work even in the absence of electricity. Furthermore, the tablet is equipped with an emergency pin number to open the door and it also works in case of temporary loss of wifi connection.

What happens if the tablet gets blocked?

In this case just call the reception to request a restart.

What happens in case an incorrect mobile number is dialed and the user does not receive the text message?

You can contact the reception and request the tablet emergency pin number which opens the door.

Is there any other way for opening the door instead of using the tablet?

The tablet integrates with traditional opening systems so in case of emergency you can use a normal door key to lock/unlock the door.

Does the tablet update automatically?

The software is updated automatically by the Hoau platform.

Could you connect the HOAU system to a management system?

The HOAU platform is already connected to many management systems and it also integrates with other PMS

Is there customer service?

Hoau provides a special 24/7 customer service with three levels of server assistance.

Purchase and shipping

Purchase and shipping
How do I purchase?

You can send an email to commerciale@hoau.it asking for an appointment via skype or telephone call. Then you can directly proceed for your purchase order after you received all the necessary information.

How long will it take to get the kit once ordered?

The order will be immediately shipped by express courier and delivered after a very few days.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further informations.