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Make your access easy and secure with digital keys, QR code and safe check in online

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How it works

Your hotel becoming intelligent.

We have created a system that allows hotel guests direct access to their own rooms, thanks to a cloud-based technology of smart ports that open easily with a unique personal digital code.

Our integrated hardware and software system guarantees the highest possible security, allowing you to monitor and manage every activity constantly. This system integrates perfectly with the majority of access technologies already present and with the most common management systems.

and let HOAU think about it all.

The integrated HOAU system is entirely managed by the cloud software, which guarantees simplicity, security, planning skills, activity monitoring and real-time communications.

What we have created is a new 24 hour idea for your reception with no delays customer service and able to always guarantee the best possible hospitality. In this way, you will gain time and will be able to provide your guests with further services.


Without HOAU

Improve your guests experience

HOAU really allows direct access to the rooms thanks to the digital code that is supplied to the customer and can the be changed as often as desired. Furthermore, the guest is already informed about all the details before arrival avoiding unnecessary delays and allowing them instead a fast and safe check-in experience at any time of day or night.

Quick, because users do not need to download any mobile apps to use their own credentials. Safe, because it is a cryptographic system of communication with the cloud software which guarantees precise identification when accessing the room through unique digital certificates.

Without HOAU

Reducing managing costs

Getting rid of traditional keys, magnetic keys or other commonly used systems as well as the supply of digital credentials directly on the customer's devices, delays and the cost of managing due to lost keys and cards.

Thus, the front desk staff can devote themselves to the needs of guests by providing them with new and better hospitality experience.


Sharing keys

Guests, if they want, can easily share their access digital-code with others and can modify it anytime through the tablet.


The HOAU system works with the most common access systems on the market and can be installed on every type of door.

No Apps required

In order to use their access credentials, guests have no need to download any mobile app, they only have to type the code issued to them.


End-to-end cryptography in data transmission to the HOAU platform ensures the maximum system security. Furthermore, the software stores any access attempt and a picture of who typed the digital-code.


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Il pacchetto più utile se prevedi un basso numero di accessi o un apertura stagionale.


Il pacchetto più utile se prevedi un alto numero di accessi e non quantificabile al tuo hotel. La durata di questo piano tariffario รจ di un anno a partire dalla prima attivazione.

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